How to MONTANA | World of Warships

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: vemheskoca
Ship: Montana
Map: Hotspot

Tutorial Montana 222 813 dmg, epic against 3 BB at shame time

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  1. The CV did a great job tho

  2. This video should be renamed ‘How to carrier’.
    The CV player Hungar stayed with his team, spotted torps, shot down planes,
    created AA umbrella, added secondary fire, tanked damage, killed three
    ships and generally acted as a team player and a gentleman.

    If all CVs acted like this we would have to retire the phrase ‘Sky Cancer’
    and all the CV hate would pass into history.

  3. George studio products


  4. yay you used the mighty north carolina as intro :D

  5. Just because they all show there dam broadsides.

  6. Good brawl!

  7. That Yamato wasn’t using it’s guns at all, was she? Nothing special tbh
    (considering the title) – gg nonetheless.

  8. Crap the rat container lived :)

  9. secondary build on montana ?

  10. You cannot play tier X unless you are a really good player, because you
    will just get bled dry from the repair cost….

  11. He is a cheater for not complety turning the canon

  12. I sent an email with the replay of a game of iowa with 237k dmg

  13. In the beginning…. he used damage control on the first fire………..
    Free Exp’r Confirmed.

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