World of Warships – Neptune – Scary Queen of the Seas

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Ah the , a truly terrifying ship when in the right hands. Her devastating AP and myriad of tools allow her to be very flexible and can deal with many situations. But do be careful as she is rather fragile. Still, do enjoy this replay of the Scary Queen of the Seas.

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. POI! (sorry if i offended anyone)

  2. Nep Nep

  3. I’m rarely that impressed with the replays that get posted on YT…potato
    enemy team, lucky torps, ideal matchmaking, whatever. This is absolutely
    one of the times when I’m thoroughly impressed. Extremely well played
    match, and thanks for sharing!

  4. David Racek (thedavv)

    idk about neptune but minotaur is op holy hell. he took down 1/2 on my iowa
    when he was shooting on my superstructure from behind an island. Like i had
    bismark and NC shooting at me so i coudnt run so that thing with 3s reload
    just murdered me. The bismark and NC nearly no dmg but that thing…

  5. New microphone? Audio quality is a lot worse than normal.

  6. Chase was this on your NA or our EU server?

  7. Chat’s hilarious.
    “soft and squishy, just like loli’s boob”

  8. Yeah a lot of players like to broadside there armour in one game I was on
    my Moskva and I used ap on a Yamato and he was a quarter oh health and he
    got smashed from the guns

  9. Is it just me or was there an Ulster flag on the Neptune?

  10. That was actually really good. Great game and I felt I might have learnt

  11. The antagonist is a takao class chase. Not the other way around

  12. iChase, tech tree British cruisers tier 6+ are lethal to dd’s… below they
    can barely hit them…

  13. “My armor is soft” – “Soft and squishy, just like a loli’s boob”. Lol pedo
    weebs everywhere.

  14. Weeeeird micro sound… 🙂 give me the old one, or take your head from the
    basement ;)

  15. hi, i have some amazing replays with bismark. Is there a email to send you
    or what?

  16. Twice now, I’ve practically one-shotted Neptune’s. The ship is really
    rather pathetic IMO.

  17. Neptune has some interesting characteristics; incredibly soft & squishy
    (just like “ahem” Nep Nep’s chest), insane heal ability, and the ability to
    lob 12 surprisingly hard hitting 152mm shells at once (Mino can only fire
    10 but a bit faster) and even without defensive fire ability still has some
    murderous AA that would make a Baltimore blush. Definitely a difficult ship
    to play & harder to play well, kudos to Eneme for playing Nep Nep to her

    Neptune’s an incredibly good looking ship at that as well; she was more of
    a inter-war design draft during 1944 while the Mino around 1946-47 after
    the Brits didn’t want something so large & manpower intensive. A shame…

  18. Royal Navy cruiser torpedos better than IJN cruiser torpedos?


    Or, you could just get a zao. 99.9% of players will not be this good and
    will just have delete after delete.

  20. Playing my nachi, i got 4 citadels in my 1st salvo on a nep. took half his
    HP off lol. later finished him off with another 3 cits. The citadel sits so
    high out of the water it’s disgusting.

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