Izumo’s shoulders hurt from carrying [ 9 KILLS ] – World of Warships

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Player: ShadoeGames
Map: Sea of Fortune

User Description:
Not a massive amount of , but , a hard of team.

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  1. Izumo, it’s so ugly it’s got character.

  2. lol. i almost like the video because of the add?. btw nice vid. still gonna like it?

  3. Final Fantasy Foreva

    I loved my izumo, one of the most underestimated ships that performs so well it’s outstanding.

  4. OMG this is me! Thank you for the feature!!!

  5. Izumo rocks!

  6. This was on WoWs best replays already over 3 days ago…

  7. LOL “Angling” . Team Carry is such an E-Peen term though. He did very very well given that the enemy made some huge mistakes. That Fletcher SMH.

  8. wow….. really?

  9. From which vid is the intro? I would like to check it out 🙂

  10. can izumo middle / 2nd turret turn 360 degree?

  11. Excus eme but for me : no great skills, big luck, finishing low life ships, it’s not carrying …

  12. Well, the Izumo does have enough free deck space to carry all of the others… Bigger than the Yamato with less secondary armament and AA guns ftw

  13. 16:02  always a bit of luck in a great game

  14. you a pro friend a pro

  15. Lighterfluid McFlapjacks

    Average kangaroo

  16. Incredible game. Thanks for another Izumo game. Never dreamed he would pull it off if I hadn’t read the title.

  17. For the thumbnail, It’s not “護衛艦” Izumo class destroyer DDH-183 is a light helicopter carrier for modern Japanese navy. It should be いずも級”戰艦” (Senkan)

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