Minotaur and Midway – Legendary Comeback – World of Warships

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Player: sniperjerven
Ship: Minotaur
Map: Trap

User Description:

game didnt look to good at end. We had only control over B flag barely. I was “camping” in B flag to secure it from enemy minotaur yamato that entered it pretty early in game after i had capped it. Later when C flank and A flank had fallen fight started to evolve from both flanks.

Fortunately for us was that C flank was delayed and couldnt join in the fight in AB sector. Making it possible for me and Gooner76 to fight one side at the time. At this side a enemy carrier had come to close to me and i started the attack on it. We wasnt able to kill him and this proved to my death later on. At the same time the i did on the carrier togheter with from Gooner76 was proving to be helpfull at the end.

Shima had entered the cap togheter with later on stalling our points even more. At this point it wasnt looking to good, and i thought this looks like a defeat. But i desided i wasnt going to die without a fight. And we managed to kill the shima and with some good torps that forced to do evasive manouvers. Making it hard for the to point the guns at me.

I was realy lucky in the fight against the Iowa. One good hit from him and i was dead before i could kill him.

Shortly after the carrier we couldnt finnish off earlier came with full force at me and i couldnt survive that.

After that an game against time and points was at hand. Gooner76 managed to kill both the carrier and edinburgh at the end securing a victory.

Good teamwork and hard fight at B sector managed to win this for us.

Those you who watch this. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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  1. Panzer, have you got your hands on the Oleg yet??? I’ve seen flamu play it
    and wondered if you’ll be doing a video on it. Thanks!!!

  2. that clutch tho, very nicely played

  3. 15:25 HOLY S***!

  4. He’s missing out on so much dmg just by sitting there not firing his guns

  5. i guess 2 dislike of this vid is a BB player lol

  6. most anoying ship combo ever

  7. In Reichweite fahren, Smoke an, Sonar an, Granaten und Torpedos spammen,
    weiterfahren, Smoken usw.
    Frustrierend für den Gegner. Zuviele davon oder ähnlichen Schiffen und die
    Leute haben keinen Bock mehr darauf.

  8. I think the CV took umbrage at being shot.

  9. amazing reload time

  10. 14:11 look at that shit, it should be game over for this guy. but no,
    dispersion is bullshit at every range. even 5 km. this is why battleships
    camp all the time, you get in close only for your guns to fuck you at the
    most crucial moments leading to your death. atleast at range you can avoid
    stuff easier. if WG want battleships to be aggressive they HAVE to fix

  11. Holy Crap the english synchronisation sounds beautiful

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