Tier IX – IZUMO [EPIC] 9 Kills – World of Warships

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Player: [PUPPY]ShadoeGames
Map: Sea of Fortune

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  1. why low res

  2. I’M ON THIS GAME!!!!! I”m the “Renamed” user that got a couple of kills!!!!!!!!!

  3. haha wow the izumo totally won…!

  4. Just can’t stand when people fire the guns with the “land in the way” indicator next to the cursor.

  5. Still can’t understand why do i often see strange overpen damage to IJN cruisers like in 3:46 ?

  6. Christopher Matarazzo

    and this is what happens when people complain about a ship

  7. dont know why that New Orleans didnt use ap against a broadside izumo. lol. noobs.

  8. HOLY CRAP this is me!

  9. Native American Prince David

    Can anyone tell me how good the Izumo can be?

  10. That level of carrying lol

  11. you are the best

  12. Enemy team played like complete shit tbh

  13. Poor Yamato

  14. I hate poor gameplay videos. People often “mumble” about techs or specs but in the end, a game is only as good as u play it. Even with the best warship it is hard to wish for anything great if 90 % of the time u spend just swimming + at max range, in front of islands that block your shots, and when you actually do get closer, you are completely surrounded with no teammates for support, because either you didn’t watch the minimap and strategize or you are simply too late with only 2-4 ships left total.
    Any BB ship that relies on a 3×3 forward battery has an advantage over more common 2/1 setup and can pack a solid punch, taken that it is positioned properly. Izumo in its design was similar to Nelson or Vanguard. The weakness may be only a retreat situation, but those double aft secondaries look pretty reassuring. So it is only up to armor and other specs, nation de-/buffs etc.
    And if you apply “S” maneuvers then you should be fine, while maybe even scoring couple of kills. I really do hope that most people watching know about using your front armor for taking hits and not the broadside. That should be the primary tactic for advancement into enemy heavily defended zones. And don’t go prolonged broadside while in straits, especially if DDs nearby.
    Do not try charging your BB across the area, because your team will lose before u ever get to destination. Instead get recon from planes and DDs and strategize your location. Range is only good at medium value. Ineffectiveness on the side of at least 1 BB (esp top tier) can tilt the game so just watch the time and team balance.
    How is that for a comment?

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