USS Missouri || FIRST BB with RADAR ? World of Warships

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way to get for now is a mystery, but let’s say that it’s very different to any way we’ve had to get a ship before – you better stock up on !

We do have a little more information to relay about Steven though; he will have some special skills, which are:

Expert Loader – 75% reload time when the shell type is switched
Expert Marksman – +3 deg/s to the traverse speed guns with a caliber of up to 139 mm / +1 deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a calibre above 139 mm

So… the first ship. Many questions still surround her, but atleast we have a better picture as to how she’ll be in game.

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  1. sold! !!!!!!!

  2. Shut up WG…take my money…….

  3. Come to Papa my Beauty <3

  4. I said it radar yeees but the XP noooooo

  5. Question is: How much free exp exactly? I heard it was like 600 k but if
    that is true than wg can fuck right off. I am not going to pay 100 bucks
    for a premium ship.

  6. pause grinding on any games and the grind to get iowa, im grinding to get
    loads of free XP baby!!!

  7. There is no point on playing the Iowa anymore if you have this overpowered

  8. the english ca killer, excelent!

  9. How many free exp? if is really 800k then fuck off, is impossible to get
    that many whitout converting them….and a payable t9 is sad.

  10. What’s the amount of free exp required?

  11. Only have 15k of free xp :C

  12. Final Fantasy Foreva

    Radar wont save it from 16 tons of Yamatos professional greeting from 20km
    away ?

  13. isnt the missouri 180k free exp?

  14. Where are all the intro movies from?

  15. 仁佐田澤Hitoshi Sawa

    still not going to save her from Yamatos

  16. However, if it dose cost a stupid amount of money WG can kiss my entire fat

  17. WG is putting German DD and the mighty mo….

    now I wonder if they will put Musashi (Yeah I know it’s a Yamato-class)

  18. Darn, I was hoping they’d make a USS Wisconsin a premium for the Iowa class
    (course I’m biased because its my state ;3). The Missouri though does have
    more history, so I’m alright with this.

    Well, I hold out hope that maybe they’ll finish the Iowa BB line in Kantai

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