World of Warships Clan Battles – APOC vs TSF Match 4 and 5 – TIRPOCOLYPSE

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After a rather uneventful match 1-3, match 4 and 5 between APOC and TSF were amazing matches to cast and to watch. Enjoy everybody!

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  1. Bad casting, your co-caster was very annoying as well.

  2. used to be in tsf , very outsmarted as usual

  3. All I hear is “Oh my God” “ohhhh…. Ohhhh… “” ouch” “ahhhhh”. =(

  4. Couldn’t get past that guy’s lisp. After the third time he Tirpithth. I
    posted this comment and went to watch something else.

  5. Incredible game!

  6. … the poi poi guns are firing. I thought this wasn’t a thing anymore..

  7. Still believe that RNG should be dumbed down a lot b4 this stuff actually
    goes live :/

  8. It would be nice to see u lead ur own team: Jutland or Coral Sea.

  9. These game is not meant for competive matches tired of dam RNG shoot a ship
    25 times no damage and no fire they need to fix the garbage first before
    they want clan matches

  10. Hey maybe tell us what the FUCK is going on in the beginning next time.
    Geez. Not even going to finish watching. Terrible video. There’s no context
    as to what’s happening at all Chase.

  11. How do make the team panels smaller

  12. Thanks for using my TIRPOCOLYPSE title Chase

  13. It’s nice to see some players thinking about strategy.

  14. An excellent example of how WoWs could make entertaining competitive play.

  15. Clan battles in wow?!?! since when are clans available?

  16. Sorry, but the comentating was horrible. Everything was “intense”, “close”,
    volume level was inconsistent. I debated muting the battle as it was
    actually pretty weird, but you managed not to show the key point of the 4th
    by sticking to the 2 pushhing tirpitzes and I doubt that would have been
    Oh, and I know it was probably your first time and practice makes perfect.
    Try being more elaborate and don’t get tunnel visioned

  17. Good video. That was interesting and entertaining. Liked the commentary.
    Doomsday ‘sayers’ on Esport for Wows might be proven wrong !

  18. gotta cap the tirpitz per team to 2

  19. About team battles… I see a lot of premium ships in team battles. For
    example Atago with its unique repair ability. What are you guys thoughts on
    that? Is it fair that players can buy advantages in team battles?

  20. I was watching this live, at 5 am my local time..

  21. why did you get TK’d?

  22. dariusz “daro.g” gala

    So it looks like premium vs premium that
    is kinda meh

  23. Why the CRAP are the Hermelin in the battle… Joining with Hermelin just
    do make your teammate get -1 and so you can view the camera….. gg thats

  24. 17:00 If you listen close enough – you just MIGHT hear chase saying “Ocean
    is interesting” XD kappa

    I’m only through the first battle, and so far, I am REALLY digging this
    video! Thanks Chase!

  25. Too much Oh Oh Oh

  26. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    well, another breaking pre ship, like Type 59

  27. Battleships dodging torpedoes? Destroyers screening ahead? Airplanes
    scouting? What game is this? What did you do to the real iChase?

  28. Vladimir VojtaML

    Tirpitz meta

  29. 1080p 60fps please :(

  30. Damn Daniel!

  31. when will clans come in to WoWS? also i’m wondering if the Lexington
    wouldn’t be good CV to use in order to use those 1000 lb bombs?

  32. well played and thanks for posting.
    more please.

  33. @ichasegaming Just curious, what advantages do NorCas bring over

  34. Stanisław Szczypuła

    iChase will you be making any more know your ship episodes? If not there is
    nothing to hold me to this channel because I don’t play WoWs any more.

  35. That was horrible, nobody even attempted reversing, collisions,
    uncoordinated mayhem. Fun to watch though.

  36. If that dude says ‘Tirpitzsss’ one more time I’m might vomit.

  37. FullMetalChicken

    I wonder if this was done before the patch, will Mogami take MK’s spot?
    Mogami + Tirpitz push?

  38. so many mistakes. not the high level fleet action i was expecting from clan

  39. So much Poi

  40. I liked the high octane fight, it was a bloodbath nice ??❗

  41. how is this going on is this coming in the next patch or I missing

  42. I completely forgot this was a game I played every day D:

  43. fourth?good video chase!

  44. When are Clan battles looking at being released in WOWs?

  45. help, how to free roam? :(

  46. ….

  47. Leo won an oscar

  48. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    lololol second

  49. first

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