World of Warships Easter Eggs #3 – Big Race Mysteries

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The World of Warships map team really loves to hide little eggs around their maps. In this episode I went searching through the map. With suggestions from AfailingHORSE and my own exploration I present the of the map Big Race! Enjoy

Images from:
Balclutha: National Parks Service
Train 110:
M-5-V: Auld-Rasmie:
Abaco: Tugboat Enthusiasts Society of Americas:
Bayfield: Ribeyescamerarolled on TripAdvisor:;geo=43018&detail=143787

If you have found an Easter egg and would like it featured on another episode please drop me an e-mail.

Also send me your in game name and server so I can give you credit!

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  1. I got to see the Balclutha as a kid. The ship was in really fantastic

  2. That was great, keep them coming.

  3. As to the Tug boat, if you think about it probably a lot of the models in
    game are recreations of toys or hobbyist models because they provide a
    three dimensional template to work from.

  4. I was wondering why a late 19th century cargo ship had 26 cannon ports,
    Mutiny on Bounty filming explains it.

  5. Haha, World of Wartrains, where the battletrain drivers have a valid excuse
    for always driving in straight lines.

    “I’m on rails, dammit!”

  6. Being a railroad guy myself Chase, I wonder why did they decide to use
    Little River #110 for the steam engine. If anything, I would go for a
    4-8-8-4 Big Boy locomotive myself (look up that engine when you get a
    chance, that thing is impressive)

  7. Where did you study Google-Mastery iChase? :D

  8. chase … I live about 1 mile from where the Balclutha was built…

    small world!

  9. This is a little bit random but does anybody know if wargaming will ever
    add the yorktown class carriers into the game? I really hope they do
    because they have a ton of history behind them and are some of the most
    important ships of world war II.

  10. 1st one is a clipper think

  11. #worldofwartrains

  12. princerobertybob

    Info I have come up with on the Tug, not that it’s much, is they started
    building them in 1943. the Army version was the Army ST 45ft tug. the Navy
    name was YTL 45ft tug. No record of a 271 numbered tug being made (The
    navys 271 was a medium Tug or YTM) but there’s not much info as you said.
    Quite a few still on the water in the great lakes area.

  13. Michael Lockwood

    Great video! I love these. Actually found a video of the Pluto working up.

    🙂 Sorry, had to.

  14. Does anyone else have choppy audio?

  15. on the new newbie map (just outside map bourder), there is a boat next to a
    ice island. the island has tents on it. i’m thinking it was some ship who
    explored the poles. :D

  16. Who knew tugboats would be so elusive to find!

  17. Maybe the Pluto tugboat has something to do with the Disney feature
    “Tugboat Mickey”.

  18. Thanks for your effort Chase :D

  19. Boaty McBoatface Confirmed!!!

  20. Ha! I knew I wasn’t that far off. The sailing ship at the beginning, I
    thought that it looked remarkably like “Pommern”, moored at Mariehamn
    harbor, Åland, Finland. Absolutely beautiful ship with quite interesting
    (at least for me) civilian service history. According to Wikipedia, it is
    one of the five Clyde-built tall ships still afloat, others being “Falls of
    Clyde”, “Glenlee”, “Moshulu” – and “Balclutha”! The paint of ingame ship
    seems most like the one on “Glenlee”.

  21. Nice.
    Question: Did u already received an Easteregg from the new ‘Neightbours’

  22. I can’t help but feel like Wargaming ST. Petersburg is filled with modeling
    fans! How else would you explain the random tugs and small craft, and now a

  23. Anyone else getting reminded of ants Canada?

  24. lol, world of wartrians. where the lemming trains never stops

  25. Interesting video chase! It always amuses me that given the harsh deadlines
    usually associated with game development they still find time to put in
    these little Easter eggs for us to discover. I wonder what else they’ve
    hidden in the other maps :).

  26. The Nick Holland

    nice video chase

  27. World of Wartrains XD

  28. At 9:35 in the picture of tugboat ‘Bayfield’, for 1 brief moment I thought
    it was flying a CBT flag. Damn my eyesight!

  29. We should take a moment to pay respect to the Wargaming team and their art
    skills. I mean I can hardly notice the shape of those tiny boats while
    playing, and they can put Texts, swimsuits and everything on them

  30. james ward-gwilliam

    not easter eggs. but i’m hoping one day wargaming put in if they havent
    already especilly as a new map is meant to be between britain and france.
    the sailing yacht the sundowner or also MFV sanu so many easter eggs i hope
    are in game somewhere. also if you dont know what they are i suggest you
    look them up ichase. you may be interested in the history 😉 especially the

  31. Now the devs will probably go “Let’s make our own boat and put it on the
    next map so Chase can’t find it on google lololol”

  32. RookieGamingHD g

    where did storm zerx go?
    the guy that allways wanted to get the first comment.

  33. Interesting … (first from Scotland)

  34. World War II service[edit]Canary, formerly John G. Murley, was acquired by
    the Navy on 24 October 1940, and following conversion, was placed in
    service on 19 June 1941 in the 4th Naval District.Reclassified YDT-7
    tender[edit]On 10 January 1944 she was re-classified YDT-7 and thereafter
    attached to the 5th Naval District for assignment in connection with
    diving, torpedo, mine and antisubmarine programs. Buuuut it does not
    resemble the in game ship.

  35. By the way, like the vid

  36. Oh the Balclutha, I recognized her almost immediately. I remember back in
    elementary school I actually got to ‘work’ on the ship for a full day and
    night as part of a school field trip. Some groups got to cook meals, others
    did rigging, and some other things that were done on these Age of Sail
    boats, and we even had night watch shifts. Overall it was a fun experience.

  37. 282nd

  38. Hopefully the fix World of Warplanes before they start thinking about a

  39. Living in Washington State, this video was posted at midnight… “Well
    boys, I got first watch in the crow’s nest tonight…”

  40. Damn So close

  41. I Guess World of WarTrains would be an on rails shooter…

  42. MeKanism Lastname

    iChase, the tour guide of World of Warships

  43. Fuck second

  44. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    number 1 comment

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