World of Warships – Epic Battles #9 – Montana Stronk RAM

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Episode 9 of Epic Battles features a battle from myself, ryleejrotc and aerialace110 playing in a division on North. Battle was sort of typical until the end when we turn the Montana’s into glorious strong rams So sit back, relax and enjoy this awesome battle.

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  1. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nerf heal regen and change angling mech, back to the time Yamato is a real
    hotel and Montana dominant stuff. WG is stupid after all.

  2. In that distance, you can imagine the crew of Yamato and Montana are
    shooting each other by their machine gun or even the sailors take their
    pistol boarding on the enemy warship

  3. you need to be able to board enemy ships if your that close


  5. That was a wonderful avoid-ram!!!

  6. at 20 15

  7. it looked like you touched a little bit or was that a shell hit watch the
    slow mo a little right at the point where you are almost clear there were
    some sparks

  8. sean is one of the best midway captain in wows. No doubt.

  9. Yamato’s overperformance makes me think of the T110E5 in WoT… Gah, that
    thing is evil. Basically the best frontal armor of any heavy tank, now that
    it’s been buffed, on a platform that was already great without that.

  10. 20:00 Crew from one ship could high five crew from the other.

  11. quangdo and neonader have been here and downboated

  12. Do you know how much firepower it took to sink the actual Yamato? 15 bomb
    and torpedo hits from over 300 US aircrafts reduced it to a smoking wreck.
    The fight lasted about 3 hours. So be thankful you can kill it in 15 mins.

  13. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    that atago…OUCHIES!!!!

  14. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    I got an near almost as epic. Just didn’t had replays enable. Still can’t
    belive WoWs doesn’t have the option to enable them in the settings.

  15. What mods are you using and where can we get them?

  16. I just noticed… 81k = Unicum on a Montana? Thats kind of crazy that a T10
    Unicum Avg Damage is less than its total HP.

    EDIT: Or is that just the mod once you hit a certain number it turns

  17. what is the Name of the mod for the ship Liste in the sides?

  18. Thanks for the Montana gameplay Chase! Just what I needed to watch while I
    eat breakfast

  19. the matchup between the yamato and montana is such bullshit because:
    1-the montana on paper has superior deck armor to the yamato (yamato’s
    maximum=220 montana’s maximum=236) but they decided to only have 1 of the 3
    armored decks on the montana. that’s why it only has 150mm right now, as it
    only has one of the three stacked in the game as it is -____-

    2-the montana’s shells had more penetrating power than the yamato’s irl as
    they travel at a higher velocity. so the yamato shouldn’t even have that
    advantage either. the trade off should be; the montana can hit for equal
    damage, with all of its guns. the yamato can hit harder with each shell.

    3-the montana would have been WAY more accurate because it had radar guided
    main guns that allowed for greater accuracy. the yamato had no such tech.
    the radar on the US BB’s should translate in game with much better
    dispersion for the ships that have it.

    In conclusion, WG are incompetent once again…

  20. i love facing Sean in the midway he is so nice and he never CV rushes~Wo9

  21. Yes it’s all about that decisive “thrust” Chase

  22. Do you think that Yamato needs a nerf or something like this?

  23. That is definitely a battle to remember. You two were so close to each
    other, the crew could practically hop between the ships…

    Also Chase, I’d hate to ask here, but when do you want those Monday Rules
    replays in by?

  24. The honorable way to go.

  25. How close? You could’ve shot at that Hotel with * Nerf guns *

  26. Montana….

    Powerful But Not That Much,,,,

  27. The problem you describe with Monatana vs Yamato, is similar to what I
    have experienced in my NC vs Bismarck. From my limited experience in the
    NC, I really feel like the Bismarck is really hard to kill. I haven’t
    tried yet, but would you suggest to use HE more frequently in those
    kinds of situations? It’s not how I do my bb on bb fights, but I quite
    struggle a lot since I sold my beloved Colorado (75k av. damage).

  28. Replays I sent a while ago where much better then this. Looked like a slow
    battle, the only thing of interest was the Montana ram.

  29. very honorabulu!

  30. As a tier 9 CV captain, strike is the way to go. Even if you run into a
    fighter Essex it matters little as long as you take your time and find good
    targets. It’s even possible to win 3 Essex fighters with your one with

  31. It makes you wonder that WG has known since CBT the huge disparity between
    the Montana and the Yamato in terms of balance and competitiveness, why
    have they not done something to bring parity between them? It just boggles
    the mind.

  32. I love how some people are claiming that the Yamato is not OP when no other
    ship could penetrate it easily. The Yamato’s shells also ignores the rule
    of armour angling, it will pen everything. The Yamato is just a noob ship
    right now and it requires massive nerfs

  33. Style points: 9001

  34. I like that small poem in chat right after the game begun. I also have a
    couple own, like:

    New Mexico burning bright, it does not want to fight
    All it wants is to flee
    but wont escape from me

    Left or right, left or right choose wisely where to fight
    up or down, up or down, dont become a clow

  35. as i always say, tier 10s should cancel each other out XD

  36. Yamato is op

  37. what mod are you using to show the health of all the ships on the hud?

  38. Wow, didn’t know you used “Bloody” in canada. learn something new every

  39. So he killed 3 DDs too with the midway?!Impressive

  40. so Yamato is the ultimate raid Boss atm in Warships?

  41. see sean the carrier carrying the team

  42. It is so much fun to go out with a ram, very honorable Chase!

  43. Fire kills Yamato VERY quickly!

    Honestly, for fighting a Yamato, my top choices would HAVE to be the Zao
    and the Gearing with demolition expert.

  44. I think that’s the point where you raise the Jolly Roger, grab your cutlass
    and swing over on a rope to board the enemy ship.

  45. Are russian dd line woth it?

  46. i have a yamato and i’m pretty scared of shimakazes

  47. even when i watch this video 3 mins after uploaded i still am not first :/
    do you have the end game battle results please :)

  48. staying late tonight chase?
    its 11am here in Libya

  49. Damn it Rylee. 4th comment?

  50. So awesome it is 11:33 a.m. here in germany so i can stand up and watch
    iChase while having my breakfast

  51. first

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