World of Warships Match Analysis #3 – captaingzer0x’s Fletcher Battle

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This match analysis series will attempt to analyze battles and identify what helps a team win and what costs teams battles. In this second episode, I break down captaingzer0x’s battle in a Fletcher. I examine the good and the bad in the battle as well as making suggestions on how to improve. I hope you enjoy this series and learn something from it as well.

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  1. sorry iChase, you were too polite.

  2. kudos to chase for making another new series helping players and zer0x for
    volunteering to be one of the demo subjects : )

  3. The “oo” in Roon is pronounced as in phone. Roll the r like Schwarzenegger
    would. Sorry for acting like the pronunciation police. Nice analysis and

  4. Eduardo Maldonado

    Sorry but I desagree captain is an average player, too many errors playing
    a DD

  5. why did you show this replay? this was amateur hour at its finest, and in a
    tier 9 no less. i would expect this kinda crap in a tier 3 match, can’t
    believe tier 9 players can be this bad and so blissfully ignorant of the
    game situation and surroundings.

  6. This fletcher driver sucks

  7. Ok Chase, if ya wanna run a series like this; cool. There is a guy named
    Zeven that is a unicum in WOT and does a lot of replay analysis on Twitch.
    I (and a lot) have learned a ton throughout the years.

    Chase my friend I don’t want this to come across bad or what not ya know. I
    want you to realize the .. Well lack of coordination in Randoms. Division
    teams own. Most of you vids are of just that. I don’t mean what most of you
    are thinking-hear me out. I would love to send you Chase about a dozen
    replays I have where myself and or another random kicked some freak’ butt.
    But for every replay of that; I have 2 of Derpus Maximus where our 2 DD’s
    go YOLO. Our 3 BB’s camp at the start, our CC’s start randomly shooting at
    each other in the start (I was testing my new guns/Just a joke) and Our CV
    decides to send ever damn squadron of his planes how the skirts of the east
    or west line giving 0 spots.

    I always like what you do Chase, run a series like this.. call it “I don’t
    mean to be mean but…” Remember some of us (Me) have to run this game that
    IS NOT Optimized; at shit FPS/Ping. In my case when on the road I have to
    use my HP Shit Top. It’s playable and all but not.. So my W/R, Win8 and
    shit (WoT’s) show’s. I don’t give a damn. .. Point is.. If you want to
    continue this, make a new series. I’d love to have you tell me how I lost a
    few games. <3 No worries. Keep up the good work. Rant over, sorry penguins.

  8. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    defensive AA is awesome on destroyers! it’s practically impossible to for a
    CV to strike that little target with pilots being shaken. you become pretty
    much immune from air strikes which makes it easy to go and poach the enemy

  9. the defensive fire is good against planes of lower tiers if there like 2
    tiers lower the plane drop one after another, the second thing i use it for
    is to force bombs and torpedos for a wide spread and lastly if there is a
    scout plane spotting me to get rid of it faster or deal with the fighters
    if they keep above so i prefer the defensive fire then the boost.

  10. match analysis: in other words -> making fool of captaingzer0x

  11. I personally is highly against the decision for a DD to escort the CV. If
    enemy CV decides to go all in for our CV, interrupting the attacking planes
    is just not enough. I would say that if CV needs AA protection, it should
    always be a CA’s job, a US CA in particular because they have best AA and
    don’t really do well as the Japanese, German and the USSR cruisers in a gun

  12. j4im3g0nz4l3zTGK26

    this replay wasnt a great one….actually pretty lucky it hit the pensa and
    the Iowa

  13. Quick question, is there really any reason to do a wide spread? I saw the
    wide spreads in this video help to see if the salvos were viable, but even
    then, I think a narrow spread would just all around be better. IDK. What do
    you all think?

  14. This guy is really clueless on the most basics play strats.

  15. I actually really wish destroyers would have more of an ability to do what
    they were designed for, escorting. The Fletcher For instance was an
    excellent escort ship and it should be understandable to escort CVs. In
    this game, DDs are almost comparable to light tanks in that other game.

  16. Mert “foREVer” Fetullahoğlu

    lots of misplay and misdecisions

  17. But the Fletcher could make smoke to hide the cvs too… Im doing that…
    It works out pretty well

  18. so how does this series work? You pick a random replay and comment on it?

    He or she is really bad at this game. Really do appreciate your advice for
    him/her. he is gonna need it badly and how did he/she get to the fletcher
    with this … you know? . No offence to the player

  20. The only time you should be using a wide torpedo spread is at VERY close
    range and when you only need 1 torpedo to hit to ensure the kill. If you
    launch torpedoes with a 10.5 km range at a target that is 10 km away from
    you the torpedoes will be far enough apart from each other to allow a
    battleship or even a carrier to easily avoid them. They might even get
    lucky and slip through the gaps between the torps without even taking
    evasive action at all.

  21. thank you iChase for the analysis! Oh wow I’m honored. I def have a way to
    go, so thank you for the pointers. It’s… Hard to know what you’re doing

  22. Robin Tilbrook (Bosun_Bones)

    i some time Aa escort for BBs in my Nicholas. not so much carriers. If I’m
    close to a BB with in incoming bomber group that’s when I use it.

  23. Wow, his aim while shooting at the Roon is TERRIBLE! He fired like 50 shots
    and none of them hit…

  24. Dylan Anderson (twisted-pixel)

    hey chase, do me a favor and provide the link to the previous vid
    description explaining how to capture replays.

  25. Would you be interested in analyzing a battle I had in the Hatsuharu with
    nearly 3k base xp?

  26. Ichase don’t use my New Mexico replay because I got my new colorado

  27. Nooooo :p I was waiting for the big explosion at the end haha. Great video!

  28. have a nice eastern break

  29. Sorry but the connection inside the NC is kinda slow & GOD DAMNIT BILLY I

  30. First to get aids

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