World of Warships – Missouri – Mighty Mo

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Managed to get the for some testing, as I totally missed the actual testing period while I was away for vacation. 750K free experience for a US , that is very similar to the . Is she worth it? Well her better armour, surprisingly useful radar and ludicrous credit printing abilities say yes. Enjoy the video folks 🙂


  1. uhm is the missouri an actual premium, as in increased credits or is it
    more like the ARP ships?

  2. 750 000 Free Exp is about 15 000 000 normal Exp. 750 000 Exp costs 30 000
    Doubloons to convert and that costs 100 €!!!

  3. and in today’s “people drive broadside to iChase” video…

  4. get better soon chase!!

  5. I think all premium ships should only be purchasable with free experience.
    You can always spend gold to cash in you accumulated XP and it would keep
    new players out of higher tiered ships.

  6. that commander xp thooooo O.o

    how much gold does it cost for 750k fxp? assuming i start with zero?

  7. So this ship has preferential matchmaking of potatoes on the enemy team,
    and also preferential RNG in dispersion?

    Hmm might consider this…

  8. On the cost of the Missouri, the difference between the Missouri and Iowa
    in terms of exp cost is that the Missouri is free exp only, Iowa is regular
    exp so by that logic the Iowa is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to earn than
    Missouri (free exp is only 5% of normal exp per battle) so the Missouri
    will take substantially longer to earn than the Iowa

  9. still waitin for the new jersey……

  10. will you going to do a full review of the ship Chase

  11. Charles Courtwright

    pleas tell me I can still get it, the USS Missuori is one of the most
    decorated USN warships from ww2, served in WW@, Korean WAr and a few
    operations during the Persian Gulf War


  13. Main armored 1 module is waste of money and a bad advice! Get the secondary
    module instead. Main guns of a BB don’t broke for me for 1/2 year now
    without it! It’s just stupid to use it.

  14. So Chase got the man flu? D:

  15. Hey Chase, why you seldom do video about carrier?

  16. Is the Missouri worth $130? No
    Is the Missouri worth 750k xp? Absolutely if you get it mostly for free.
    Also that measure 22 camouflage is lookin sexy

  17. to bad I will never get this ship

  18. Dasha pictures…. What did I miss…? O.o

  19. It cost $150 USD with upgrades. For a virual toy; its crazy priced and one
    is double crazy to buy or try to earn it.

  20. I will be getting the Mighty Mo for 2 reasons. I’ve visited her, and
    Measure 22 Alpha and Beta nostalgia

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