World of Warships – Monday Rules #19 – Tier 5 Cruiser Torpedo Challenge

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Episode 19 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for last week’s challenge is MrHavercamp who managed 154,721 damage in a New Mexico in a tier 8 battle. So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #19♦
Play any tier 5 cruiser
Can use all weapons, but HIGHEST torpedo and flooding damage wins
No other restrictions
Must be in random battles 🙂

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

♦ Join me on Twitch for more fun!

Breaktime – Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    i’d say it’s human sacrifice man, nothing else. you pay your offering, and
    the RNGesus will repay you

  2. this is so lucky to sunk the Tripiz

  3. Welp,Murmansk 8km torp time!

  4. What about most damage (or most number of hits) in ANY destroyer, but only
    gun damage counts (AP or HE)…

  5. Brian Lock (神通)

    I wonder how many people actually keep Furutaka in their port…..

  6. Furutaka has a 10 km range love the ship, sad I sold it now 🙁 Omaha has
    5.5 Km, Konigs has 6.0 Km Murmansk has 8.0 Km

  7. Challenge suggestion: most aircraft shot down in a certain tier destroyer.
    (yes i want to see some destroyers die :D)

  8. It’s the turning in that makes the tirp expose underwater armor below the
    turtleback. That’s the only way to cit a tirp.

  9. A suggestion for you. Tier 4 carrier challenge, most damage and planes shot
    down in a starter cv.

  10. The thing with the Tipitz is, Lick you said the armor profile. The main
    belt of the Bismark class is mounted horizontal (i dont know if you meant
    the by saying the turtleback armor because i never heared that therm) but
    when the shells come in from further ranges (12km and more) the usually hit
    with a 15 to 35 degree angle which basically angles the sidebelt inwards
    inwards giving it a great angle to bounce even very high penetrating
    shells. But in an inwards turn it raises that belt so that the shells hit
    in a 80-90 degree angle and since the belt itselve isnt that though (320mm
    if i remember correctly) these shells that would usually not penetrate are
    eipping throgh that belt. So all in all i think your pretty much spot on
    with your theorie and also as always great vid and thanks for uploading (:

  11. I am with you chase, I do think that a turning ship will affect its armor.
    I have discovered before, that the best chance to citadel a ship is when it
    turns full speed towards you at close range and give you a 90 degree angle
    when your shells reach target, and turns away from you at long range. At
    close range you hit the side that’s usually below water line, and at long
    range the deck armor is at a more perpendicular angle to incoming shells

  12. i had a NM take out my Tirp the same way.

  13. Battleship HE challenge. you know you want to subject people to it.

  14. Thanks Chase. As I said in my email to you – lots of luck involved in this
    game. I think Jingles once said about having a really good game – you need
    both your team and the other team to suck just enough. I couldn’t believe
    the number of broadsides I was given and the favorable dispersion I had.
    And I’ve never had a cit against a tirpitz before this game. I was just as

  15. so my Nagato can’t citadel Tirpitz no matter how hard I tried but New
    Mexico, whose shot I deflected as Furutaka, can?
    That’s definitely the case of underwater citadel

  16. YAY! I can into challenges finally! Christmas break is here! (well after my
    last test that I am about to take). Will be home again later today.

    Very nice video yet again Chase!

  17. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    found if u do not turn currents on a ship for a while, the dispersion is
    really low

  18. excuse mr ichasegaming “there is another” (yoda) one the tier V CA premium
    ship the uss marblehead

  19. It is definitely shots below the belt in the case of citadeling the
    Tirpitz. The turtleback armour would in fact become even harder to
    penetrate at something like 80 degrees rather than 66. Turning in in a
    Tirpitz is a SIN! You ALWAYS wait for the enemy to fire before you do it.
    Actually it applies to most battleships as almost all of them heel to an
    almost absurd degree (look at a Colorado in a hard turn), but with Tirpitz
    it applies even more as you are generally very well protected from citadels
    as long as you don’t expose the ‘Red’ as I like to call it. The main belt
    only goes a very short distance under water, and below that is a relatively
    small 170mm belt, which is probably not going out of the water, but an
    underwater hit during a turn in by a Tirpitz might hit the 25mm hullplating
    instead. And while the turtleback armour does go below the main belt, it
    doesn’t go that far down, so a hit on a lower bits of the 170mm belt would
    pass underneath it, which is totally possible to do.

    Conversely, if you turn out, your belt gets submerged and the angle of the
    turtleback armour gets softened. Thus you can also get citadeled turning
    out. But it still requires a bit more range. At short ranges turning out is
    mostly safe due to several other decks protecting the vitals, all of which
    will be at a harsh angle. At longer ranges those angles will become
    downright soft in a turn out.

    So always avoid turning in in a Tirpitz, and if you can’t, wait for hte
    enemy to fire first, and then finish the turn in one go. If THAT is
    impossible, you can generally lessen the heel by slowing the ship. Even
    just dropping to half power will lower the speed fast enough that the heel
    soften quite a bit, and going at half speed will generally mean you are
    still showing only main belt (but underwater hits can still hit the 170mm

  20. Most damage sustained in one battle in tier 6 BBs
    Also like for 69 years of luck :D

  21. the reason you can citadel the tirpitz while turning is, that she is
    actually wuite fast and rolls heavily, so that her belt armor becomes
    obsolete due ti the fact that the waterline drops

  22. The damage counter was a bit wrong last time too. Not by much, though.

  23. Tier V Cruiser have the same amount of range (?) The extreme: Omaha 5.5km,
    Furutaka upgraded 10km. But the Marblehead has 2×3 on each side with a
    range of 8km. Should be the winner of next week.

  24. I have a replay of the myogi doin 121K dmg and the myogi is tier 4 😀 amd
    also one with 103k dmg :0

  25. turning in, the ship leans down. Looks like the rounds came in through the
    deck plating and not the side armor.
    Plunging style.

  26. One thing i dont understand: why would you not use your HP recovery as soon
    as possible? There is nothing worse that dying because your recovery was on
    cool down, just because you waited so long to use it. Or am i overseeing
    something here?

  27. T5 DDs AP only, no torps either. let’s get back to interesting challenges

  28. cool video! maybe you could do most AP shell damage done in a tier 6 DD

  29. Really, the Tirpitz armor is strong at range, but up close? It seems pretty
    weak, I have citadeled a Tirpitz with my Atago with AP when I was about 5km

    I think that is because the Tirpitz was built with a rather thick hull, but
    the citadel zones inside the ship aren’t as well protected as other tier 8
    BBs and really, even tier 6s.

    At least that is the feeling I got from battling endless waves of
    Tirpitzes. Great armor at range a day against plunging fire, but up close
    and personal, it is actually seemingly very easy to penetrate!

  30. almost the same torp range, lol. Laughing so hard at Furu’s 10km

  31. This Tirpitz is turning towards him. I think that by doing this his side is
    lowered in the water exposing his top deck armor and you get a sort of
    plunging fire effect that makes him hit citadels. You can clearly see this
    in the first salvo at least. The second salvo hits the Tirpitz just as it
    shows his belly, you can see the red markings getting bigger just as the
    shells hit. Just my 2 cents.

  32. 6:30 that 2 torps that hit him make him flooding but he just instand hit
    the Repair kit

  33. Of cause a tier 6 bb can citadel a tier 8 bb.
    I hit the citadel of a new york twice in a match with a St. Louis (plunging

  34. Dam flat out pening a Torpitz in my NC . . Must try that theory . RNG be
    dammed im off to find Chase and drop some dirty dog torps into him 😛 Peace
    another good one ..

  35. And Actually Chase… He did use the repair party consumable after being
    hit by the torpedo planes’s run as he was indeed flooding… :-)

  36. Congrats to that New Mexico captain, he played it nicely and he’s a good
    shot. But I cannot avoid wondering… Why don’t I have those opponents?
    Holly molly soooo many broadsides exposed to the New Mex… and the enemy
    payed him almost no attention, at least till the end! Had the Tirpitz
    angled to 45 degrees and targeted the New Mexico at the beginning, this
    battle wouldn’t have managed to find its way here…

    Anyhow, congrats to MrHavercamp, he did well!

  37. The damage counter doesn’t count damage from hitting ships that aren’t

  38. “MrHavercamp”….

    for all the dutchies here, who like me, just had to think about the next

  39. he did get flooding from that cv torp ^-^

  40. i have a nagato, amagi, and an izumo, and i don’t think i’ve ever got a cit
    on a tirp. they’re noob machines. it makes ranked battles a joke. you can
    buy a rank as far as i’m concerned. it’s one of the things that puts me off
    this whole game

  41. Man that RNGesus, wish I could get some RNGesus like that. Guess I better
    start praying…

    Our Father who art in Heaven, Random be thy name. Your items come. Your
    strats be done on softcore as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily
    RNG and forgive us our reeeps as we forgive those who reeep against You.
    Lead us not into bad trades, and shelter us from desync. For thine is the
    glory, the drops, and the rolls, forever. In RNGesus’ name. Amen.

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