World of Warships – Monday Rules #8 – Tirpitz Torpedo Challenge

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Episode 8 of Chase’s Monday Rules, a series where I challenge you to play a ship with some restrictions on how to play them, if you do well and make it to the top of the pile I will reward you with some Gold Dubloons :D. The winner for the last week is RUMIRUMI who managed over 90k damage in a St. Louis. So without much further hesitation let’s take a look at this week’s challenge.

♦ Challenge #8♦
Play a Tirpitz
You can use all your weapons
Winner is the one who does the most torpedo and flooding damage.
All other damage won’t count.
No other restrictions

How to enter♣
1) Have replays enabled to do this:

3) Watch next Monday’s episode to see if you’ve won and to also receive your next challenge.

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  1. you do know that hits and citadels are separate right. my meaning is that
    citadels dont count as hits, just citadels.

  2. yikes max torpedoes and flooding?! But but but, the Tirpitz is for
    early-game long-range sniping and the torpedoes are for late-game
    sting-brawling *pulls hair out*… oh wait… never mind *wax on, wax off*
    ur the Coach ; )

  3. FINALLY the Tirpitz Torpedo challenge.

  4. Well, I can’t do this one (not with the Tirpitz costing $70 USD lol) but
    that’s ok for now. I had soooo much fun with the last one it’s made me want
    to advance more rapidly. Also hoping for another ‘chat’ after the con.
    Thanks Chase!

  5. I just had to do a call out to Jingles, IChaseGamming, Notser and Thotgor.
    I just won 9 out of 10 matches working from my lowest tier on up. I could
    have never done this without your advice and videos. Thank you all!

  6. Thnx for the Dubloons Chase, now i just hope that they will add the new
    prem ships in the ingame tech tree aswell :)

  7. Can I haz Tirpitz plz? :))

  8. For everyone complaining that this challenge is unfair due to the tirpitz
    being a premium and expensive, it’s just 1 challenge. I’m sure iChase is
    not planning on ending this series anytime soon so you will have lots of
    chances to win in the future.

  9. some1 tell me how 2 acces the plane view when u use your scout

  10. Derpitzes :)

  11. Maybe this wasn’t so well thought through. To be fair to everyone of your
    followers you should change this challenge. I do have the Tirpitz myself,
    but many others do not. And it is not available anymore, not in EU server
    at least.

  12. Really Chase?? Really?
    You make a challenge about a most expensive ship in the game? Not to
    mention it’s not available to all players for purchase.
    Did you willingly tried to alienate 99% of your subscribers? Tell me that
    line of thinking when you came up with this idea, i am truly and genuinely
    I never tried to partake in this stupid contest nor do i plan in the future
    but this is a dick move to all those that are maybe willing to do so.

  13. who won ST. Louis contest?

  14. wow….. great challenge……. having to pay for a titpitz just to
    participate. great job..

  15. Not sure If I like this challenge. Can’t compete without having put money
    into the game :(

  16. I like to sail my St.louis in a circle 

  17. Oh Chase… Why lol. There is already so many derpitz captains trying to
    play like they are in a DD.

  18. iChase, I gotta ask, do you accept carrier replays?

  19. Aww. Someone gift me a Tripitz so I can try this!

  20. Hey iChase would you mind taking a look a the damage of the Tirpitz
    secondaries they are very low damage compared to similar sized guns

  21. It would be a great challenge for me but my desync!!!!! I cant hit anything
    with a torp unless its not moving at all. Even when im within 2km my toprs
    go right through and do no damage and then just keep on going as if they
    didnt hit anything.

  22. Like I said last week and I will say it again. St. Louis + AP = taking
    candy from a baby. ;-)

  23. Yeah my best game with the St. Louis was also in the 90k area but I think
    Rumi beat me by a couple of hundred. GG

  24. Really? I have to pay $60 dollars to maybe even “try” and win this?

  25. But, iChase, that would be >$50 USD, and I’m pooor student ):

  26. Chase when will you make the new Nautical Tales? Been waiting for a while

  27. If only someone would buy me a Tirpitz, I could participate in this
    challenge haha

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